Corporate Assistance

We offer a uniquely personal service and enjoy face to face meetings with the businesses with whom we engage. We care about the Candidates we send out to you and we take time to encourage their loyalty and diligence, thus providing a better calibre of staff – we understand that we are only as good as the Candidates we place. We have an extremely varied and multi-talented database of Candidates which means we can fulfil most requests, even for very specialist needs.

Read more about the different positions we could fill below…

Personal / Executive Assistant

A Personal Assistant is responsible for keeping up with the social and professional demands of an employer. Duties may include keeping track of the family calendar, making reservations for travel and dinner, event planning, answering phones, managing vendors, shopping and running errands. Executive Assistants do many of the same tasks but can work in an office environment and support a senior level executive.

Estate / Property / House Manager

Primarily a chief administrator, the Estate Manager assumes a leadership role for managing the staff and all services that take place both inside and outside the home for multiple properties. Estate Managers can spend some of their time doing office tasks such as managing household budgets/accounts, writing manuals and event planning. Other responsibilities include overseeing construction/renovation projects, managing vendors, working with interior designers, attending to the proper care of vehicles (cars, yachts, jets), maintaining a wine cellar. A Property Manager or House Manager typically does the same job but for just one residence.

Chief of Staff

A Chief of Staff is the leader of the residence and the coordinator of the staff. In general, a Chief of Staff provides a buffer between the Principal and staff. The Chief of Staff works behind the scenes to solve problems, mediate disputes and deal with issues. They often act as an advisor to the Principal. Actual duties vary by the Principal’s needs.