Child & Adult care:

Let us find the right Childcare Staff for you

Finding the right childcare can be a challenge for busy parents. As a leading, well respected childcare agency, AmeriExpert is dedicated to finding the very best childcare for your family’s needs, from the very start of your baby’s life, throughout
the important pre-school years, to childcare for school age children and beyond. We offer a confidential, no obligation service, and our experienced, friendly consultants provide guidance and reassurance throughout our careful
recruitment process.

As part of our unrivalled, uniquely personal service, we will always have a full consultation with you and where feasible, We aim to build lasting relationships with satisfied clients and post placement advice is always on hand

Read more about the different positions we could fill below …


Nannies are in charge of organizing and coordinating the children’s activities, preparing their meals and keeping their rooms and play areas clean. He or she may have several years of college or a degree and ideally a CPR or First Aid Certificate. As a leading, well respected nanny agency, we select the best Nannies, who take the utmost pride in the safety, well-being, happiness, and educational and social development of the children in their care.

Baby Nurse:

Helps the new mother with all aspects of care for a baby, from feedings to washing clothes and keeping the nursery clean. She is not responsible for care for the mother or any household duties outside of the nursery. These tend to be temporary jobs, with Baby Nurses usually working 12 or 24-hour shifts for a duration of 2 weeks to 3 months.


Governesses will often have teaching qualifications and will focus on the educational development of their charges. They will also nurture a child’s social skills, etiquette and cultural awareness.

Elder care:

Elder care staff is there to help an elderly or disabled person, or someone in recovery. Our Companions would provide essential companionship and emotional support as well as running errands in clients household.

Happy Home Companions would help with:

  • General housework and laundry
  • Cooking and shopping
  • Looking after petty cash, paying bills and banking
  • Accompanying to and from appointments, transport to shopping, including doctor appointments, travel abroad and family visits etc
  • Looking after the client’s pets, organising vet appointments
  • Organising doctors/hospital appointments as well as dealing with doctors or nurses
  • Managing the diary, dealing with contractors
  • Basic personal care, including assistance in dressing up etc
  • Administration of medication

Special needs:

Special needs Nannies have experience working with children with a range of special needs including behavior, physical and medical.