AmeriExpert Corporate and Residential Staffing

AmeriExpert is leader in Corporate and Residential staffing. We offer permanent and contingent placement services for all staffing needs. Experienced in the placement of nannies, chefs, butlers, housekeepers, house/estate managers, personal assistants, baby nurses, online Tutors, laundress/ladies maids and much more


How is AmeriExpert working :

We take pride in operating our business with adherence to four basic values: discretion, integrity, service, and diligence. Our database has huge number of professionals specialized in various areas, we value the opportunity to serve fair and respectful clients in any way that we can. We also seek to deliver a highly personalized level of service. We explore the client’s lifestyle objectives, service level requirements, cost objectives and current needs. We identify the need for a more personal and sophisticated approach to ensure the perfect fit.

Why AmeriExpert ? 

AmeriExpert chooses to listen to our client’s needs: what they like and don’t, what has and hasn’t worked, and how they live their lives. We believe that there is a perfect fit for all roles– no matter the complexity. AmeriExpert is a full-service staffing firm which evolved out of the need for a more resourceful and personalized approach to staffing for high net worth families, individuals, and their companies. Our clients’ time is irreplaceable and invaluable. Keen intuition, discretion and unparalleled personal attention are the keys to our success. Our professionalism and integrity are unwavering and unmatched by competitors. We utilize a unique “best fit” assessment: optimizing the match between clients and candidates.

“AmeriExpert is an impressive organization. I recently sought their services to fill a highly specific position. They were devoted to this task and willing to search beyond their comfort zone. I am grateful for their hard work, adaptability and I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

John elton

” I am an applicant registered with AmeriExpert. They have been consistently kind and thoughtful with my search. The staff I’ve met and have been in communication with are very professional and courteous.

Ashley Smith

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